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Take me to Church

 In the Infernal Punks, all charters congregate for church once a week.  All of the charters operate under the same bylaws, but run their own hierarchy.  Our charters are broken up into several days & times to accommodate for Punks internationally,  National church then unites the club once a month.
Charter church is held to keep the club members informed of current events within the community. Typically church runs for about 45 minutes. It is here that the officers and patched members of Infernal Punks meet to discuss and vote on all the many topics and issues relevant to our club and its members.  

100% attendance for church is expected for patched members unless you have previously notified an officer of your intended absence. Real life comes first, but weekly club activity is a requirement to stay patched.

You are encouraged to attend any other charters church you are able to in order to meet people, but only required to attend your charter's church to retain your membership.

Current Church Schedules:

Paleto Bay

(Mother Charter)

Sundays - 7:30 pm EST

                    11:30 pm UTC​

Del Perro

Saturdays - 5 pm EST

                    9 pm UTC

National Church

The last Sunday of every two months

2 pm EST

6 pm UTC


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