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Members who have obtained the rank of Wanderer are ones that have completed a voice intro! We didn't think you were a butthead, congratulations!


Wanderers are (hopefully) taking their first steps to becoming a full member of the punks. Whether they be new players or seasoned veterans of the game, all newcomers will start at this rank.


Full membership into the ESO guild will be dependent on how well you work with our group and if you're putting in the effort into playing with us. Guardians and officers will then vouch for you to become a Punk.


They are advised to provide guardians with a sweetroll at least once a month for their own protection.


Responsibilities for Wanderers include: 

  • Do their best to play with our guild and get to know the punks.

  • Ask guardians or officers to take items out of the bank for them if needed


  • Ask guardians or officers to update the discord calendar if wanderer is running event (not required)

  • Provide the guardians at least one sweetroll per month.


  • Have fun

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