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The rank of Wanderer marks the beginning of your journey within the Infernal Punks guild. It is a probationary rank granted to members who have taken the essential step of completing a voice introduction, signifying your commitment to join our ESO community. Whether you're a seasoned ESO veteran or just starting out in Elder Scrolls Online, all newcomers start their adventure as Wanderers.


This probationary period serves as a crucial step in your progression as a full member of the Punks.


Wanderers are expected to:

  • Spend time in Discord, engaging in conversations and playing alongside fellow guild members, fostering connections, and building friendships.

  • Meet the minimum weekly participation requirements, ensuring your active involvement within our community.

  • Read and abide by the Community Bylaws and the Champion’s Pact    

  • Understand that the probation period typically lasts 30 days, but its duration can be extended based on the factors mentioned above.


Wanderers are able to:

  • Request items from the guild bank from any Champion or above.

  • Plan and co-host a guild event with Initiates or above.

  • Participate in guild events to earn money and prizes.


As a probationary Wanderer, you play a vital role in shaping your future as an esteemed member of our gaming family. Welcome to this probationary period, where you have the opportunity to prove your dedication to the Infernal Punks and progress toward the rank of Initiate. Embrace the adventure and make the most of your time within our guild!

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