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COVID-19 Outbreak

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, the presidents of the Infernal Punks Motorcycle Club got together and discussed how to proceed.

Of course the upcoming events are not simply cancelled. Churches are still being held. However, we expect some caution from our members, so that the virus does not spread within the club. Especially the Nomads could be strongly affected.

One of these measures is to change the church outfits, see example below.

While a cloth face mask will give you some protection, we highly recommend using the full protection suit. We visited our friends over at humane labs and got some for very cheap. We only have a few blue ones left.

Another measure is that we will change our business activities a bit. Weapons will continue to be sold so that our customers can protect themselves from the looters - with heavy machine guns and RPGs. The drug trade will be expanded to include toilet paper, disinfectants and pasta. Lots of pasta.

We, the presidents of the Infernal Punks Motorcycle Club, reserve the right to change and amend these measures at any time. Stay healthy, and for further questions contact your charter president.

Stay healthy and we'll see you on the road,

Matt - Paleto Bay President

Jessa - La Mesa President

Payz - Del Perro President

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