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Double the pay, double the danger!

What in tarnation!

A string of ghastly and worrying wagon thefts have been reported throughout the states of Ambarino, New Hanover, Lemoyne, West Elizabeth and New Austin! Reports indicate the Punks Outlaw Gang have been running rampant and seizing trader goods for their own use! Survivors claim that some of the gang members exclaimed as they rode away, "If you aren't paying us to protect ya, then your goods are ours!"

The Outlaw gang has been seen striking small to very large posses as they attempted to take advantage of double pay from buyers. All of them met with the same result: they were all relieved of their hard earned goods!

By the time law enforcement arrived on the scenes of the crimes, the band of Outlaws were already long gone. Will they ever be brought to justice for their crimes?!

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