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Infernal Assembly - June

Necrom is just a few days away (it's already out if you're reading this) and the power of the Arcanist is going to be in our greedy hands! Speaking about greedy hands, Syrena's hands stole so much loot from the people of Tamriel that people only wumpy accused her of modding! Investigations are still ongoing that are being lead by the newest guardian, Kionney!

A recruitment video is now underway spearheaded by High Council member Crash. Thank you all who came and helped him get some footage of some silly stuff after the assembly!

We all drank the skooma flavored kool-aid and jumped off a very (although not high enough apparently) platform to see who won! Goat also showed us he does have the jumping power of a goat by winning the 'HUMANOID LAWN DART' competition.

As of currently we are being led in our veteran Halls of Fabrication by the brave Berry and her cunning bird, Zeni. We've got to the final boss and are hoping to take it down next sunday!

Here is a picture of a fat buddha-like cat

We have had some promotions this month!

Kionney has become guardian!

Ummii has become champion!

Shrimp has returned and become champion once again!

Banana's hodor icon has been accepted and is being currently worked on to be seen by ALL due to her outstanding work as guardian. So keep a look out for it.

Past Events:

vKA prog (finale) - Wumpy

Dungeon Divers (Glenumbra) - Crash

Obstacle Course Race - Sean (Tank won!)

Psijic Run part 1 - Wumpy

Psijic Run part 2 - Wumpy

Psijic Run part 3 - Wumpy

Survey and Maps grind - Banana

Story Stroll: Banished Cells I&II - Syrena

Big Eared Kitty Kat Grind - Banana

Bait n’ Switch Trial - Banana

Dragon Huntin’ - Jess

Harvest Run for the guildies - Syrena

Kitty Cat Grind - Banana

Malacath’s Smack-A-Palooza - Kionney

vHOF prog - Wumpy

Non PVP in PVP Places - Banana

Monday Night Mayhem - Spoon

Baity Trial Tuesday - Banana

Blackreach Blue Dye Unlock - Alowana

Blackreach Blue Dye Unlock pt 2 - Alowana

Dominion Anchor Shatter - Banana

Big Eared Cat grind - Banana

Cyro PVP - Banana

vKA run - Wumpy

Highway Robbery - Crash

The Neverending Rose Petal Bastion - (Banana, Shrimp, Jess, Goat)

It was also Spoon's birthday - Spoon

Upcoming Events:

Skyshard clears

vHOF prog

Lots of Necrom content

Normal Sanity's Edge Run

Sweet rolls

Baity trials

Stickerbook grinds

Sweet rolls

Dungeon diving

Emote grinds

Indulging in rolls that are sweetened

Thanks to Jess we have a record of what people said about their favorite achievements this month!

Franny - got another toon up in scrying.

Jedi - healing vKA

PRG - finished a couple challengers. Finished the base dungeons achievements.

Sean - hard modes completed

Shrimp - March of Sacrifices Hard Mode

Goat - Veteran Red Petal Bastion Hard Mode

Banana - doing a million events. Graven deep challenger.

Kionney - vDSR Hard Mode

Syrena - vKA and doing the SR in MoS

Spoon - being part of this community

Wump - Graven deep hard mode.

Crash - Doing the obstacle course and dying less than Jess.

Jess - vRPB hard mode

JesseHeisman - nothing yet. Working on it.

MATRICES - Got a character into its 20’s.

Moonlight - nothing right now.

Silent - cleared vCR +2

Woznozzle - Got first Trifecta from Black Drake Villa.

Kai - got level 69 on the ToT leaderboard. nice

Draw - Made the skull logo for the Punks.

Thank you guys for sharing your favorite achievements you did this past month. Hopefully you have more to share for the next assembly.

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