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Infernal Assembly - November

What is this? ANOTHER GUILD HALL?!

Yes, Jess tried to change the locks on poor Wumpy so he couldn't find his way home yet again. He found out that we have moved to the Moon Sugar Meadows and it looks like the Punks have come together to build a VERY lovely guild hall for us to all call home!

After Red "Sugar Momma" Velvet was gracious enough to provide us with Moon Sugar Meadows; Banana, Xio, Big, Crash, and Kionney helped with building materials and building the Infernal Punks Guild Hall from scratch!

Not only that, but with the recent update there are now GRANDMASTER crafting tables! We are now able to combine ALL the set crafting tables we collected as a guild INTO the grandmaster crafting tables! Wanderers rejoice! No more sweatshops!

Unfortunately our dear Shrimp has decided to step down as High Council and retire to his cat farm. The good thing is the game has pulled him in deeper into it's PVE elements and he is now striving to go after hard modes and trifectas! Thank you for your help dude, and good luck!

We've had some promotions this month!

Jalken has made champion!

Pat has made champion!

Vxnn has made champion!

Brain has made champion!

Panda has made champion!

Anonymous has made champion!

Xio and Bigg are now recruiters!

Bigg has made guardian!

Banana has become part of the High Council!

That's correct! You heard right! Banana is now High Council and she is now going to properly be converted and brainwashed into doing the Speaker's bidding! Here is a picture of the Speaker's other subjects converting Banana's character!


The cult-like mentality and loss of individualism is palpable!

Anyway here are some

Past Events:

vDSR Twin Prog - Banana

vKA Part 5 - Shrimp

vSE run - Velvet

Transmute tuesday (life alert addition) - Wump

vKA hm Prog - Part 6 depression - Shrimp

Tel Var Farm - Jess

Skyshard & Skillpoint hunting - Banana

Skyshard hunting, Wrothgar - Shrimp

vAS+0 Trainer - Shrimp

Harvest Run - Syrena

vAS+0 trainer - Shrimp

Telvanni Dailies - Sean

Volcanic Vanquishers - Syrena

Skyshard hunting in Auridon - Shrimp

World Bosses - Sean

Halloween Costume Contest - Kionney (Syrena won popular vote, Sean won judges vote)

Halloween Furnishing Contest - Jess (Redvelvet won)

Collectible Furnishings Part 2 - Kionney

vMOL trainer - Shrimp

Mages Dailies - Kionney

Companion Grinding - Kionney

Steal You Blind Thieving Event - Crash (Phila won)

Witches Festival grinding - Crash

nRG farm run - Kionney

Witches Festival grinding - Wumpy

Companion's Companion story edition Azandar - Kionney

Mages Dailies - Kionney

Companion Grinding - Kionney

Witches Festival grinding - Crash

nRG farm run - Kionney

Witches Festival grinding - Wumpy

World Boss Plunder Skulls - Billy

Skyshard hunting, vvardenfell - Billy

Get Your Scry On - Billy

Vision of Mora Lead Farming - Billy

Fishing (Rivenspire) - Billy

Harrowstorm Havoc - Billy

Skillshards - Banana

ToT training - Jess

Public Dungeons - Billy?

Skillshard Hunt - Banana vRG - Velvet

Volcanic vents - Syrena

Hide and Seek - Bigg

Housing Tours - Jess

IC PvP - Xio

Lead Farm, druidic provisioning station - Xio

Inscribed Shard Farming (collectible furnishings part 3) - kionney

Harvest node farming - Syrena

Craglorn Skyshards - Vinny

Necro'Matic Housing Contest - kionney (Bigg won) Upcoming Events:

Holiday Housing & Costume Contests - Dec. 16th 11pm ET

Auction to raise money for the guild this December.

Recruiting Contest - 100K for ea. Wanderer referral (after 14 days). 1 million to the best recruiter for the whole month of December!

New Life Festival - In Game Event (December)

50/50 Raffle in December. Banana has details.

What are some of the notable achievements that members have done this month?

Bigg - Became a recruiter and brought some friends to the guild…

BobDragonSlayer - Getting over Covid… Tanked vet dungeon.

Shrimp - Got all but 3 HM Trails done… Has partials in those.

Philamina - Recovering from 3 weeks of covid.. Doing more vet content… lacks 2 vet dungeons

Vxnn13 - Tanked vFRH… Hosted Event

Banana - Tanking vRG

Kionney - Arena is done but still closed

RedVelvet - Clearing Alik'r Desert Zone

Crash - Clearing HM Trial Content

Jess - 6000 writ vouchers in ONE DAY


CleanWetGrass - Finally hit level 50 for the first time since play… WTF has he been doing???

Vytria - Dromatha Destroyer

WetLikeWater - Champion level 160

Syrena - Opened craft bag and found Aetherial Dust that magically appeared.

TemporalPariah - Guardian Preserved achievement.

ElegantMule - Decorating first large house - 300 slots

Scoot - Getting the Pillars… HM vKA trifecta

Special Thanks:

Jess - 500K & 4 master crafting tables

Crash - 3,750,000

Brain - 100K

Banana - 112.5K & Funding the guild hall build materials (idk how much she gave, some high random number)

Grumpy - 100K

Bomber - 4,156

RedVelvet - 2 mil & Moon-Sugar Meadow (new guildhall property)

Philia - 100K

Kionney, Big, Crash, and Xio - guildhall building

Kionney - crown store lights for the guildhall

After the Infernal Assembly we had a Trivia Night and TemporalPariah completely killed everyone at it. They truly are a Elder Scrolls Lore master.



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