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Paranormal Investigations of Red Dead: The Ghost Train Case file

Reports have been flooding in from all over the state of Lemoyne and up into the mountains of Roanoke Ridge about a Ghost Train. Some say it carries a cargo of lost trade goods, defended by damned souls cursed to repeat its last supply run every night at the same time. Some say it's swamp gas deformed by late evening sun and the dulled senses of moonshine addled wanderers. One crazed lunatic charging into the Saint Denis train station insisted on screaming a most peculiar phrase, something about "those damned modders", but our agent investigating on the scene was unable to gain more information before the man leapt out the window, screaming down the street.

Most reports agree that this train seems to travel from Saint Denis up to the mining town of Annesburg, but some few reports mention glimpses through the trees accompanied by a haunting train whistle north of Emerald Ranch where the tracks have been out for years and the forest grows thick and lush. Is there any truth to these wild rumours? Perhaps we'll never really know.

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