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Red Dead Outhouse Diving (hosted by Ascension)

The Infernal Punks Outlaw gang set out to compete with each other on the outskirts of Blackwater to see who indeed was the best at falling down and breaking their body within the confines of an outhouse.

Drop after drop from the highest portion of a windmill stationed near the outhouse slowly wore away at the participants bodies, minds and olfactories. Hoots and hollers began to swell as the final three contestants began the final round. Ascension, Exeur and Yttermayn battled it out until it came to it's final shitty conclusion. In the end, only one person fecally mattered... YTTERMAYN.

End Results:

  1. Yttermayn 70 points

  2. Exeur 60 points

  3. Ascension 20 points

Congratulations to Ytter and we hope everyone had fun! See you next sunday!

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