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The Infernal Assembly

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

The newly opened, ESO Charter of the Infernal Punks held it's first assembly this weekend! Here are some notes from the meeting... Guild Creation Anniversary was July 9th.

Wump, Ali, and Shrimp became Guardians.

Jowez became a Champion.

Upcoming Events: Cyrodil Sundays [Tentative]

Thursday/Friday Trial Nights! Starting 7pm Eastern

Jessa will be hosting a housing contest

Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show in Tamriel. By Ali

Wump wants to see how much booty people can gather.

Special thanks: Jessa for the Atronach Mundus Stone

Shrimp for the Thief, the Lord, and the Ritual Mundus Stones

Alijha for the Trial Dummy. All can be found in the Guild Hall at Jessa's Residence.

Members page coming with backstories.

Crafting requests mailed to Jessa.

Discussion of adding the Dwemer bot to discord.

End of meeting.

Hail Sithis.

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