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Yttermayn bowels over the competition! (Hosted by Ascension)

Yet again, someone put some spoiled beans in the stew pot and all the Punks had to use the outhouse! For some strange reason the only way for them to not paint their trousers brown was to jump from a nearby windmill!

Pushing and shoving ensued as the spoiled beans worked their way through the digestive system! One hungry native was reported to gnaw at the leg of one of the other participants as they were climbing a ladder!

In the end only one true victor, Yttermayn, was able to utilize the outhouse for which it was indeed intended, while all the other Punks were forced to explode out of their rear right in their clothing!

Yttermayn then forced everyone to take a group picture with their fecal matter still upon their person. Oh the shame!

(Thank you guys for the awesome pictures and thanks to Ascension for the host it was a lot of fun!)

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